Access denied for user mysql – Php

While trying to connect to mysql database i got the following error

‘Access denied for user: ‘ODBC@localhost’ (Using password: NO)’

While trying to solve the error i understood the reasons for the error. To solve the error follow the below steps.

1. The may not be running or it may be down.

2. It might be that the server is running, but you are trying to connect using a TCP/IP port, named pipe, or Unix socket file different from the one on which the server is listening.

3. The server may be configured to ignore network connection

4. Firewall may be blocking the connection.

5. The grant tables must be properly set up so that the server can use them for access control.

6. The user may not have access permission

7. After upgrade mysql version you may not run mysql upgrade script

8. Incorrect root password

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